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Forget Dry January, This Is Try January!

January is the time of year that every bartender fears. It’s the time when people decide to give up drinking for the month, after all we’ve all spent too much money on Christmas Presents, hilarious jumpers to wear for our staff parties and our trousers are feeling a little too tight around the waist because seriously, who can resist cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon? It’s a new year and a time for a new you….. No!

Remember us hardworking Bartenders who served you throughout Christmas? Remember how we looked after you throughout the other eleven months of the year, plying you with amazing cocktails while you chatted up Jeannie from accounts? We gave you a pint and a sympathetic ear when things were bad, and celebrated with Jagerbombs when things were good. And not once, not once did we snigger at your awful Christmas jumper. But now you are abandoning us, leaving us lonely and cold while you sweat out that extra serving of turkey in the gym. Why do you hate us? Why?

Instead, why not support your favourite Bartender during the month we’re renaming Try January!

Try our Healthy non-alcoholic cocktails that we have designed especially for those who have given up alcohol. These cocktails are a mix of fresh fruits and herbs, mixed with great tasting juices so they’re good for you but unlike that diet shake you’ve been forcing down your throat every morning these don’t taste like you’re drinking prune juice mixed with powdered milk.

Alternatively you can add a spirit to these cocktails for those of you who sensibly haven’t abandoned the sweet caress of Madam Alcohol. So you can get healthy and enjoy the party at the same time

Try David our Head Chef’s new healthy food specials, which are amazing and tastes a lot better than a dry rice cake eaten at your desk and moistened with only your tears.

So come in and say Hi to us this January, we’re here waiting to serve you.