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It’s been a journey…

Two amazing nights back in July heralded Forge’s first anniversary. We are so immensely proud and  humbled to have reached this milestone and as with all first years of any business no sentence can be complete without the utterance “it’s been a journey!”


Rewind to Spring of 2014 and as building works overran, tempers frayed, nights of sleep were lost, the very thought of Forge ever being opened was stuff of fantasy. But Forge did open, the months ticked over and Forge found its rhythm but more importantly and that is the whole point of this missive – you the customer kept coming back. We always planned for Forge to be a friendly, a fun and a frivolous destination but that was the easy bit, the most important ingredient was the clientele.


In this great capitol city of ours the choice of bars, pubs and clubs is immeasurable. There are venues with bucking broncos, with disco balls bigger than buses, celebrity DJs and all sorts of fabulous glassware and beverage concoctions. All (most) venues are superbly designed, the drinks are all the same, the food is similar, the same music is played but just in a different order and it seems all staff are impossibly young and good looking. So what does it take to stand out? Customers/Patrons/Guests/Punters/Clientele are not stupid, they know what they want. And what is this? It’s an old word that simply slips away from these “great” venues – service!


The USA is right, go to any venue and the service is spot on. Hit the European versions and rudeness is almost expected. The looks given by snooty shop keepers, by horribly vain waitresses is just shocking and unreal – enough of this , please! We at Forge try so hard to be serving the customer not their wallet. We may only be one year old but we know what makes Forge special – it’s friendly service. All we ask of our staff is to smile, to actually say hello and to look after you the customer.


Here’s to the second year. Here’s to smiles, fun times and friendships made.