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Happy 2016! We can’t believe that we’re already ringing in the New Year. And if you’re like us, you’re struggling to get out of your sweats and back into your suit and tie. We know, we too fell victim to the Christmas pudding allure. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the top ten office health tips to keep your motivation going strong. So put down the packet of biscuits and get reading.

1. Move it to lose it

Yes, we know it goes against the whole ‘getting work done’ thing. But it’s important to get yourself moving. Take a break every half hour and get up for a lap around the office. Set an alarm on your phone if you need a helpful reminder. Plus you’ll get a few moments of peace away from Sandra, thank god.

2. Eat your brekkie

Skipping the most important meal of the day? Not anymore you’re not. You’re at your worst when you try to function without food. Even if you have very little appetite in the morning, you’ll be most productive with the extra fuel. Also, when you skip breakfast you’re hangry and nobody wants to sit next to you.

3.   Have a Cuppa (without milk and sugar)

It goes against everything we know and love, but we seriously suggest trying to convert from milk and sugar. Think about how many times you make a cuppa at work. Ditch the extras and enjoy your guilt free caffeine fix. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, swap the Earl Grey for Green Tea. No one will even recognise the new you.

4. Pack a lunch

Yes, it’s a new year so it’s time to be brave and go food shopping. Try to plan out your weekly meals at the weekend and do the prep work then. Sandwiches, salads, quinoa. Your meal preparation will save you both cash and calories.

5. Get some shut eye

Find yourself staring at your computer screen with the words mashing together? It’s time to take a break. Take five to simply close your eyes. Maybe even go hide in the bathroom and take a nap. And might we suggest an extra hour of sleep a night too?

6. Water

Water is about to become your new best friend. You think you’re drinking enough of it? Nope. You are not. Double your intake of drinking water. It will keep you awake and helps you avoid dehydration. And it makes your skin look good. Win-win

7. Shift focus

We know deadlines are looming, but be sure to take more breaks. Your brain needs to shift focus every now and then. Pop onto Facebook to critique who got engaged over the holidays (terrible proposal location Jonathan, just terrible) or respond to your incredibly large group text for a quick mental break in your day.

8. Stretch

Yes, it’s time to admit that your friend who can’t stop raving about yoga does know a thing or two. When you’re up and moving, throw in some stretches to loosen up. These office chairs are a killer and unfortunately not all of us can live the glamorous treadmill-desk life of Victoria Beckham. If only.

9. Pinworthy Inspiration

We suggest that you invest in some office décor. Get a picture frame up. Use some nice pens and good stationary. Nice things make us feel good, and if we feel good we’ll do well… right? Well at least we’ll look good in our unproductivity.

10.  Say no to the biscuits

The office is the worst place to ruin your healthy streak. Everyone miraculously appears with treats constantly. A sneaky biscuit here, a Kit-Kat there. No. Just. Say. No. Sweets are great in healthy moderation, but we all know we overdo it at work. Thanks but no thanks for the doughnut Barbara.


You’re the only one who can make the change, so it’s mind over matter. If you think it, you can do it.


Good luck!