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Save the Planet Balls Brothers


It’s a week into our New Year’s resolutions… and we’re guessing you need a little extra motivation to get you through the month ahem, not to mention the entire year. And we’re here for you with extra tips and tricks to not only save yourself money this month (hello broke January) but to help the planet while you’re at it. Being eco-friendly is very 2016.

Get your walk on
Yes, you might be ready to collapse carrying your bags home from Tesco but help save yourself some cash and walk when you can. A twenty minute walk is good for your health andgood for your bank account.

Ditch the car
This is a call to fellow Londoners! Public transport is amazing. Congestion fees in the city are nearly £11 per day to simply drive your car. Insurance? Tack on another £500 quid and it all starts adding up. Don’t get us started on petrol costs. A tube pass will keep you sorted without worrying about the upkeep… or where to park your car. Let’s avoid adding to the smog, shall we?

No more bottled water
How many times a week do you buy a bottle of water? The answer is probably too many. You might be spending £1.50 a day on water… and over time that adds up! If you buy one bottle a day, at the end of the month you’ve spent £46.50. Yikes. Invest in a water bottle with a built in filter to save the planet and your purse.

Cash for cans… and bottles
Speaking of bottled water, it’s about time we reminded you about that whole recycling thing that London seems to forget about. It’s so rare to find a recycle bin in this city, but it’s time we make the effort isn’t it? Save your recyclables and take them to a Think Cans ( location where you can make money for bottles recycled. You’re welcome.

Lights off, heat off
Our electric bills go through the roof in the winter. Light a candle and grab a blanket to cosy up under. Every little bit helps.

Buy your own mug
Whether you want it to say ‘I’m the boss!’ or have a rainbow coloured unicorn on your mug your amazing personality helps the environment. Yes, really. Avoid the Starbucks queue and make your cuppa when you get to work. Take advantage of the freebies that are in the kitchen or buy your own to make there and then you can sip smugly (and smartly).

Win £50k this January
Let’s hope you’ve seen that we’re giving away £50,ooo in cash (and text free) this January and its just so easy to enter yourself and be in with the chance of winning.
If not, here goes…simply go into one of our many Balls Brothers venues and when you receive a receipt simply go to register and type in your account number on your receipt and you could the lucky winner of £50k and you could sure save the planet and let’s say ‘help’ your purse too!