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wine tastig


We know it’s tempting to fill your glass…BUT

But the so-called correct way to serve wine is to fill up to a third of the glass with wine. It just leaves plenty of room in the glass to swirl the wine allowing the flavours to develop more fully and allowing you to impress with your new found wine knowledge from our ‘How to Taste Wine’ page!

Keep leftover wine in the fridge

As once a bottle has been opened, the wine starts to react with air and the wine will go off – the coldness of the fridge slows this down

When tasting wine…

Take a small sip, work the wine around your mouth and hold briefly to consider the overall dimensions and balance of the wine. Does any one element stand out? Or do all the components of the wine seem to be singing in harmony?

Don’t get carried away with prices.

A wine can be perfectly marketed and have a horrific price but is worth only a third of the value. Don’t worry about big wines—though, you can actually get a good buy sometimes by starting with the entry-level wine of a top producer.

Wine should be sweeter

As a general rule, make sure that the wine is sweeter than the food and you will have a successful wine pairing. Why Port wine is perfect with dessert!

Great! So there’s a few of our tips, next time you’re in Balls Brothers be sure to ask about our wine tasting classes.

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