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Forge New Year New You

Happy New Year!

1) So you don’t have to say the same boring “hello” to that co-worker you awkwardly pass in the corridor on a regular basis – Yes! You think to yourself, a greeting slightly more friendly, yet still formal and distant enough to avoid engaging in actual conversation (and risk them finding out you still don’t know their name)

2) For marketing purposes – New year new you means you need lots of new things, obviously – Kaching! $$

3) As an excuse for a barrage of selfies to be plastered over every social media outlet – Happy New Year homies, look at all this happy new yearness floating around my cute little self!

But let us reconsider these three words, cliches aside. Imagine for a moment it isn’t just some overused saying that creeps out of hybernation every December.

1) Happy?
This is a good thing
2) New? Also good (think Spring, Vivaldi, lolloping lambs… good times)

3) Year? Even better, I mean thank God the Earth completed another total orbit of the sun, what would we do if it didn’t?! (For a start we definitely wouldn’t know what to say at those awkward corridor encounters)
What’s not so good? The pressure of creating and sticking to these so called “resolutions” that raise their ugly head and fill us with a sense of dread at failing ourselves. Why do we put ourselves through this? If we really want something, we don’t need His Majesty January the 1st to tell us to do it, we have the autonomy to make it happen when and if we want to, in our own time, thank you very much!
So, here’s to a fresh calendar. Twelve blank pages where you can write in your goals and dreams as and when they come to you, without the guilt of resolutions left neglected and unresolved. Let those crazy dry January people do their thing, parched and envious of your carefree attitude to life, as you embrace what is good.

Reminisce on what has been, and look forward to what is to come.  Ditch the detox at the door, and do what feels right. We will be waiting with a cocktail in hand and good vibes for all as we forge our way into another beautiful year.