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Most Outrageous Bucket List Items You Can Tick Off With £50K

Admit it. We all have our own life bucket lists, also known as lists that we will never complete before we kick the bucket. Yes, it’s a comprehensive guide to all the could have, should have, would have things that we’d love to do if only we had the time and money. If only we had the money… Well, it’s your lucky day! You’ve just won £50K. What’s next? Naturally, it’s time to tick off your most outrageous bucket list ambitions!

Travel around the world in 80 days
Or more. Maybe less. But we with £50K you could do it. Track your progress around the globe and become an internet sensation. #Trendsetter

Forget the house, buy a toilet!
You want to own a house before you turn 30? Shock your friends and family because you can buy a public toilet in Wales for £15K.

Re-enact The Hangover in Las Vegas
Gear up for the most outrageous night of your life, book a luxury hotel suite for your mates and let the night get too crazy. Wake up on a mattress atop of a building and then we’ll know we can tick it off the list. Bonus points if Bradley Cooper is there.

Go skydiving at Mount Everest
If this is on your list, you obviously can stare death right in the face. Well done. Because in our eyes, nothing is more outrageous than the impending threat of plummeting headfirst back to earth… especially in the Himalayas jumping from 29,500 feet.

Cage Diving with Sharks
Yes. This is a thing that people really do in the world. And now you can too! Visit South Africa and get yourself into a cage where Great White sharks will swim up to you. We’re having flashbacks to Jaws already.

Buy an island!
And we’re talking in the most exotic places… where? You guessed it! The state of Maine in the good old USA. You can buy an island for £27K with the square footage total coming in at 43,000.

World’s longest cable car ride
This is a terrifying ride, but fully worth it for the views. The cable car at Tianmen Shan (Heaven’s Gate Mountain) in China’s Hunan province is only a mere £13 to ride, but we’re thinking you’ll have a first class flight and luxury hotel to get there… and we know we’re not wrong on that.

Swim in the Dead Sea
Apparently you can’t even really swim in this crystal clear body of water, but you simply float on the surface. Travel to the Middle East in style (ahem – Emirates Airlines) and then slip into the sea…

Drive the road to Hana
Maui is known for it’s infamous twisting and turning roads. Be a daredevil. Hire a luxury car to drive the route in style. Just um, watch out for the sharp turns. And cliffs. (Also, stay in an overly expensive resort on the beach with a staff that brings you Mai Tai’s all day)

Hang out with Celebrities
It’s a mere £9,000 for a meet and greet with Justin Bieber and tickets to his show. Sorry… but it sounds like a downright bargain if you ask us.


So there it is…when you win the grand prize of £50K this January at Balls Brothers your family and friends can thank us for giving you the best of the best bucket list ideas. You’re welcome!

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