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Goodbye January, Hello February

I cannot tell a lie, I am delighted to see the back of January!

The various detox plans, dry/parched month challenges, “I have no money”, “I must be good” and “it’s so cold and dark” moan is not my idea of fun. Of course we must exercise moderation but to miss out on fun nights, being with friends, letting your hair down and generally being downright naughty sounds so much more fun. We are all young at heart, we live in this amazing city, we have access to so many fun places yet we choose to rush home and wish for those light nights and higher temperatures.

Well February is here! Some will herald the 14th (others won’t), Pancake Day, that extra day as it’s a Leap Year and we’ll all start to bore each other with the daily remark that it’s getting lighter each morning. But that’s the point, Spring is nearly here! Let’s ignore those dark evenings, cold mornings and storms up north. Let’s have a drink, be merry, remember the fun we had over Christmas and smile again.

I have the privilege of managing this business, I also have a reputation of being “tight”, I don’t like giving anything away. Kim my colleague and Sales Manager is constantly fighting me on this. Unfortunately for me she has won this particular battle and has come up with a wonderful offer or two, three and four..! Go back to our website landing page and look up some of our generous February offers, we really do want to see you all again soon so that we can relive those halcyon days of December when there wasn’t a care in the world… 

Goodbye to January, hello to Spring!