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Thyme is on our side

Where better to seek inspiration than at the bottom of a cocktail? Well I’m sure there are better places but that’s exactly what I’ve done! Our aptly named Thyme is on our Side ginspired cocktail has got me thinking. What a beautiful time of year we find ourselves in – April. The beginning of Spring, lighter evenings, sunny mornings and Summer just ahead, teasing us with a cheeky wink in her breezy sun coloured dress! Now is the time to get excited about all the things we can do and the perfect time to plan for those evening barbecues, lazy days on rooftops, or maybe you’re getting ready to ditch your gym membership and embrace the fresh air and open spaces of London. Will you explore our beautiful city, or jet off to another? If you’re staying put this month, you can still get into the summer mood with our ginspired cocktails. How about the Tuscan Hills? White peach puree, lemon juice and a garnish of raspberries. Or keep it at home with a Blackberry Gin & Tonic. Crème Mûre garnished with blackberries and a lemon wedge. Delicious!

I’m not sure if it’s because the days feel longer, or if summer brings nostalgic feelings of those long university holidays, but everyone is eager for after work drinks and socialising as the next working day seems far far away. Cocktails with the girls or a catch up with the people you actually like from the office, Bombay Sapphire are in town to make the pilgrimage to your local bar even more enjoyable!

It’s such a great time of year to let our imaginations run wild and think about the adventures we are going to have. Take some time this month to prepare for summer so you can make the most of all it has to offer. It’s time to look forward to all the good things to come, appreciate the present – and enjoy some ginspiration along the way!