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Sshhh….it’s a Secret

Can you keep one? Do you have one to tell? Is it so huge it stays strictly between you and your closest confidants?

I don’t know what it is about secrets, but they have intrigued and allured us for hundreds of years. They conjure up images of spies, a man in a dark coat and hat standing in a red phone booth; someone leaving a newspaper on a bench for another to pick up and decipher more than just the cryptic crossword (although how anyone can crack a cryptic crossword is beyond me).

From letters in invisible ink sent from prisoners in the Tower of London to the enigma code during the war, right down to the “omg you’ll never guess who I saw browsing for engagement rings last night!” Secrets come in many forms and varying degrees of secrecy, but by far the best are those we feel honoured to have been told. It is these we guard most closely, and by Jove we have a beauty of a secret for you! We call it Secret Saturdays and well, for you secret keepers out there we are willing to let you in on it. The password is “Secret Saturdays” so drop us an email and we will let you in on a little something (hint: it’s of the special treat variety) but sshhh….it’s a secret!

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