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salads forge

Leaves and Loaves

Summer is finally here. Some say London doesn’t have a summer, that summer is simply warmer rain, but it can’t be denied that there have been some lovely sunny days where we rush out to sit in the Royal Exchange and read the paper or enjoy a quick lunch. As they say, make hay while the sun shines, and although we aren’t farmers, our chefs are busy making and creating in the kitchen!

Our new menu of sandwiches and salads are just what’s needed on a sunny summer’s day in the city. If you’re as sick as we are of the old 3 item meal deal, or that extortionately priced “healthy smoothie” then a good plate of fresh leaves and loaves is just what is needed! Salads and sandwiches have evolved so far from the soggy marmite triangles our parents used to put in our school lunch box. The art of sandwichery (that’s not a word, but go with it) has progressed to the next level, so much so that there are jobs advertised for “sandwich artists!” I’m not entirely sure what this entails, perhaps perfectly fluffing decorative salad leaves on the side? And although careers in salad creation are less prevalent, they are equally evolving and ever so diverse.

The opportunities are endless, and our talented chefs are combining all of their fantastic Forge food knowledge to create exactly the lunch you need. Simple, but perfect!