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Forge turns 2!

Our beloved Forge is turning two and there is no better excuse to turn up the heat (like we need to!) and celebrate two years of delicious food, Champagne towers and un-forge-ettable nights. We’ve invited some special guests including live dance acts, electric classical instruments and plenty of DJ’s to make it an extra special evening to bring back exactly what Forge is all about. As the story goes, birthdays come with age and maturity, but fear not loyal Forgers, for us age just means we’re getting better at what we do – throwing a big ol’ night of revelry!

Most 2nd birthday parties involve at least one person making a mess, opening presents that aren’t theirs, eating too much cake and dancing like they’ve only just learnt to walk. Well this 2nd birthday will be no different; although we do hope it is slightly more memorable than pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey!

We are so excited to invite you to our 2nd birthday, we are going to spoil you rotten and show you that although we may be older we certainly aren’t slowing down (we’re only 2 after all!)